2Blade Spy Helicopter

Cheap Drone for Beginners

It’s a one of a kind hybrid of a spy drone and a toy helicopter.

high efficiency and good wind resistance
Build to surveillance

This spy drone can be utilized as a surveillance drone

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Why 2Blade Spy Drone?

2Blade heli is a relatively simple drone to operate, having simple controls that take little time to grasp for beginners. This drone has a flight time of over 15 minutes and a variety of flight modes with 100m range

Aileronless Design

Propeller is designed based on aerodynamic principles to provide strong power and self-stability of the body

6G gyroscope

Ultra-stable flight with 6-axis gyroscope with barometer is added to fix the height, the optical flow positioning

Remote Control

Can make stunt actions, such as ascending, descending, forward/backward, left/right flying, left/right rotation, route flight, and pot brushing.

With 720P Camera

The drone toy comes with a 720P wide-angle camera, which captures high-quality video and clear aerial photos.

Long Battery Life

Powered by a 3.7V 580mAh battery, long charging time can support 40 minutes of playing time


Small enough in design that perfect fit for a child's palm, fits in a pocket, and can be easily taken wherever you would like to for playing

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Magnificent! fly high and very stable and powerful camera HD. This helicopter formidable satisfied at most of my purchase thank you
Howard Chavez​
It can be flown in door and out door capability, Surprise! drone already dropped, hit the wall and the drone resisted until now
Lucas Elliot
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